As of May 4, 2020 we will continue to see our patients in a way that helps to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. We will continue to keep you updated on any changes in procedure that we implement. For the time being, we will continue to offer only curbside or drop off service for any need your pet may have, as the size of our exam rooms and foot traffic pattern do not allow for appropriate social distancing.

When arriving at the hospital, please park in a designated parking spot and call our front desk at 440-526-4818. Please do NOT pull up and stop by the exit door as this blocks a traffic lane.

We will have a staff member speak with you by phone to gather all needed information. We will not be requiring any signatures on forms for the time being. The staff member will then come out to get your pet. They will be wearing protective masks.

To minimize potential exposure, we want to keep our staff members from entering your car. Please set cat carriers outside of your cat. CATS MUST BE TRANSPORTED IN A CARRIER. We can loan you one if you need it. Please secure your dog on a leash and step outside your car with your dog. Our staff will bring a slip leash with them to place around your dogs neck as an added safety measure to prevent them slipping their collar and getting loose. This NOT optional. When our staff member arrives, hand the leash to them quickly and with the least amount of contact possible. Our team member will then take your pet inside to see one of our doctors while you wait in your car (or arrange to pick your pet up later).

The doctor will complete the exam, develop a treatment plan and then call you to discuss. These calls may come from blocked numbers, restricted numbers or have a strange caller ID - please be ready to answer calls and remove any call blocker you have on your phone for the moment.

After the visit is complete, our front desk will call you to take payment in the form of a credit card number (preferred). A staff member will then deliver your pet to you carside.

This procedure applies as well to those of you just picking up food or medications. Please call from the parking lot for our curbside service!

If you are picking up ANYTHING, we will deliver it to your car.

If you are dropping something off, we have a drop box outside the client exit door that we check frequently throughout the day. Please label all samples and requests clearly!

Rest assured, for your protection as well as our own, any Bartels Pet Hospital employee who is exhibiting any sign of illness will be staying home until they are medically cleared to return to work. We are monitoring staff temperatures daily upon arrival to work.

In addition to our routine sterilization procedures, we have increased disinfection of all surfaces and frequently touched areas.

We remind you that your pet could serve as a carrier of the virus on it's fur - so please wash your hands frequently after petting your dog or cat! New studies suggest that cats and dogs are able to become infected with the virus - but there is very little likelihood that they can spread the virus, so please do not panic, but continue to wash your hands frequently.

For our elderly or immunocompromised clients, we recommend having a friend or family member bring your pet to Bartels if at all possible. Please send your pet in with someone else if you yourself are sick.

If your pet requires euthanasia, we do realize that this is a very sensitive and emotional time. We want to provide you and your pet with the most peaceful and dignified passing that we possibly can given the circumstances.

You will have the option of saying your goodbyes from your car and having one of our staff members take your pet into the hospital where one of our doctors will immediately and lovingly administer the euthanasia injection.

Alternatively, we have set up a covered area at the rear of the building where you may wait privately after trusting your pet to an animal care team member who will take your pet inside. A catheter will be placed and a sedative may be administered at this time. Your pet will be returned to you and you may be present with your pet under the tent shelter. One of our vets will then come outside to the covered area and you can be present for your pet, wearing a mask provided by us, as the injection is administered by the doctor from a safe 6 foot distance.

Thank you again for your understanding during these unprecedented times. We are blessed that we can continue to provide care and comfort to your pets, while keeping our staff as safe as possible.

Thank you,

Bartles Pet Hospital Team