Making Veterinary Visits Less Stressful for Pets

Fear Free CertifiedFeline veterinary visits have declined in recent years. Why? Stress – for cats and their owners. But cats and their owners aren't the only scaredy-cats. Veterinary visits can cause stress for dogs and other types of pets (and their people), too!

The good news is that you don't have to sacrifice your pet's care by skipping out on regular veterinary visits because of stress.

Our Fear Free & Low Stress Handling Certified Team Members Can Help

One of our veterinary technicians, Kaitlin, has successfully completed the Fear Free Certification  and has helped train our staff. Dr. Gretchen Zarle recently received her Low Stress Handling Certification as well. 

With these programs, we continually learn new ways to make your pet’s healthcare even better.

Low Stress Handling CertifiedDuring a typical Fear Free/Low Stress Handling veterinary visit, you will see our practice team using some of these techniques:

  • Offering tasty treats to distract your pet and make them happy
  • Providing comfortable, non-slip surfaces for your pet to stand on thus improving balance
  • Encouraging pets with a happy voice, smile and treats – We never handle them roughly to get them on a table or into a cage
  • We are considerate about your pet's comfort when holding them or performing procedures, such as nail trims, and we don't struggle with them.
  • Creating a calming environment with pheromone diffusers and sprays
  • Prescribing anti-anxiety and calming medications to give prior to their visit
  • If your pet is showing excessive signs of fear, anxiety, or stress, the team may postpone the exam/procedure until a time when the pet is more relaxed - often sending home medication to give prior to the next visit.
  • Sedating a patient for a scary or painful procedure.

We see the benefits of a kind and considerate approach to pets when they are happy to come visit us and become calmer patients.

Please call us at (440) 526-4818 for more information on the Fear Free & Low Stress environment we provide pets.